Flowers for Dreams


On a damp and dreary winter day, there’s nothing to buoy your spirits quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers. If those flowers are hand delivered to your door without you so much as stepping foot in an inch of snow? Well, all the better.

Enter Flowers for Dreams, a local Chicago company out to change the way we think about floral deliveries. Created by two college students, Steven Dyme and Joseph Dickstein, Flowers for Dreams found its start outside of a high school graduation ceremony. There, Dyme and Dickstein hoped to raise some money selling a few hundred roses to the parents of graduating students. Half of their proceeds they’d squirrel away, and the other half they’d put toward new backpacks for low income students. The idea caught on and several schools invited Dyme and Dickstein to set up at their graduation ceremonies. By the end of the summer, the two had raised enough money to purchase and donate 600 backpacks. “Unbeknownst to us,” they’ve said, “We’d become a successful case study in profit and purpose working together.”

Now, nearly three years later, Flowers for Dreams is crisscrossing the city daily, delivering fresh flowers and impacting those in need. A carryover from its early days, F4D donates a portion of its proceeds to a Chicago-based charity. To date, these do-gooders have raised more than $58,000 for local non-profits such as Streetwise, Bright Pink, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, and more.

Recently, we were delighted to receive a complimentary bouquet from Flowers for Dreams, eagerly awaiting that most pleasant of sounds: The gentle hum of a delivery truck pulling up outside our door. Our stems--a rustic palette of green and white--came packaged ever-so-chicly in recycled burlap with a sweet gift tag bearing our recipient’s name. With snow on the horizon, we excused the delivery guy from not arriving by bicycle, as is customary for the company’s floral deliveries.

Let’s get down to the details: The arrangement itself was lush and bright with just a touch of whimsy. For days, it brought warmth and charm to a drafty dining room. And still, more than two weeks later, we discard a sprig here and there and continue to enjoy the dwindling days of this hardy and spirited bouquet.

So, what’s the short story on why we love this local florist so? Flowers for Dreams has the heart and soul of a small company, with the brains of a much bigger operation. Cutting out the middle man, the floral team works with local Chicago markets to source fresh, organic stems each day. From there, they design each bouquet on demand, giving an artisanal feel to the beautiful work they do. Bouquets are affordable, locally sourced, and delivered for free, often by bicycle.

To learn more about Flowers for Dreams and the impact it’s making on our community, our environment, and our very happiness, visit them online and check out their bright and cheery collections.