8 Classic Films
Every woman must see

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to our Netflix queue, we set out to uncover cult classic films to carry us through the gloomy days ahead.
Hitting the High Notes
We talk rising stars with a young Chicago opera singer

Doing away with the horned hat and metal bra-wearing stereotype, young Chicago opera singer Daina Fischer piques our interest as a true woman to watch.
Staging the Season
A December performance round-up

It’s December. Pick any date on any stage listing in any Chicago theater venue and you pretty much know what you’re getting, right? Maybe not.
Free Art
Where to find a creative fix in Chicago

We encourage you to enjoy one of Chicago’s greatest joys—free art. As a local, you have the freedom to explore the free galleries, art museums, and public art Chicago has to offer—if you know where to find it.
Inside the Studio
Interview with a legendary Chicago artist

We visit the studio of legendary Chicago artist, Nicole Hollander to chat about feminism, her career, and a life spent surrounded by the arts.
Setting the Scene
We Chat with the Women of A Raisin in the Sun

We sat down with the women of A Raisin in the Sun, Greta Oglesby, Toni Martin, and Mildred Marie Langford to discuss performing this seminal Chicago play, their experience bringing it to Milwaukee and now here to the town where it takes place.
Taking the Lead
Meet choreographer and veteran dancer Robyn Mineko Williams

The Urbaness snuck into a recent rehearsal to chat with the budding choreographer/veteran dancer, who’s setting her new work, Fluence, on the company for their Fall Series.
The Urbaness’ Classic Film Series

With chilly autumn days ahead and many an occasion for couch-cozying in our future, we revisit our Classic Film Series, bringing you 30 of our best recommendations to keep you company while you hibernate till spring.
On The Shelf
The Urbaness' Fall reading list

We picked the brain of Chicago writer Abby Sheaffer for a slew of suggestions for good, addictive autumn reads.
The Urbaness’ Classic Film Series
Part 4: Forgein and classic cinema

Fire up Netflix and get the popcorn popping, we bring you part four of The Urbaness’ classic film series.
The Urbaness’ Classic Film Series
Part 3: Worlds of their own

Fire up Netflix and get the popcorn popping, we bring you part three of The Urbaness’ classic film series.
The Urbaness’ Classic Film Series
Part2: Family, trusting yourself & coming of age

Fire up Netflix and get the popcorn popping, we bring you part two of The Urbaness’ classic film series.
Chicago Summertime Music
Are you ready for the festivals?

Summertime is here and music is in the air. Festivals like Lollapalooza, attract visitors from around the country to our great city. But if Lolla is the only music festival on your radar, then you’re missing out on some other great outdoor music this summer.
Engineering Wonder
The magic of Red Moon Theater

Confetti cannons, pyrotechnic hamster wheels, bathtubs-turned-floating-canoes. Wine-dispensing bicycles, dressers transformed into stages, fire organs synced to the climbing octaves of opera singers. These are the devices of your dreams—yes—but also the impossible inventions of Chicago’s own Redmoon Theater.
Taking the Stage
We chat food, body politics & theater with director Dani Bryant

Chicago director Dani Bryant’s star is rising with a show at Victory Gardens and a host of food-themed plays that have us hungry to meet the woman behind the theatre curtain
The Pralines
1960s folk pop in Chicago

Blending American roots rock influences and shiny pop production, the Pralines offer mellow soundscapes that play at rich themes both instrumentally and lyrically.
Free Art
Where to find a creative fix in Chicago

This spring we encourage you to enjoy one of Chicago’s greatest joys—free art. As a local, you have the freedom to explore the free galleries, art museums, and public art Chicago has to offer—if you know where to find it.
Books Are Friends
13 titles to guide you into Springtime

We picked the brain of Chicago writer Wancy Cho for a slew of suggestions for good, addictive springtime reads.
In the Kitchen
Cooking with pears

Bring the taste of the countryside to your kitchen with an unexpected ingredient, the humble pear.
An Interview with Emma Straub

We chat cats, books, and Molly Ringwald with the author of Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures.
The Ye-Ye’s
A Chicago twist on 60s French pop

The Ye-Ye’s are bringing a classic ‘60s sound to Chicago and they’re doing it with panache. They recently shared their passion for music and style with The Urbaness.
Now We're Cooking

This month, we encourage you to put down the takeout menu in favor of cooking up a feast with your own two hands. But before you stock your pantry or buy another kitchen tool, study our list of Chicago spots that will help you become a better at-home chef.
Voodoo or Valentine

Whether you love the holiday or loathe it, we have something just for you. The Urbaness is offering up an original paper doll Valentine, fit to cut and give no matter your thoughts on the subject. Download, print, and share the (non)love for free! So which suits you, the Voodoo or the Valentine?
DIY Stamps with Tweedle Press

You don’t need a giant Vandercook Universal III printing press to make your own stamp. Tweedle Press Compositor Ellebe Ciña shows you how to make your own stamps, perfect for envelopes, DIY stationary,or greeting cards.
Mars Gallery: Q&A -- What Makes Them Tick

Today we sit down with the gallery’s owner, Barb Gazdik, and one of her employees to learn what makes Mars Gallery tick.
Mars Gallery: Approachable art in the West Loop

Call it a pioneer of the West Loop or a pop art playhouse—any way you slice it, this Chicago gallery is just plain cool.
The Urbaness' Movie Guide: What we love on Netflix & iTunes

We bring you some of our favorite movies for wiling away a gray afternoon. All of our film picks are streaming through online programs like Netflix or Hulu—or are rentable through iTunes. So get the popcorn popping and settle in for a few of our favorite flicks.
Listen Up: An exclusive podcast with 2nd Story

Today, we find ourselves wishing we could share a bottle of wine and settle in for a 2nd Story marathon. But for now, we’ll take the next best thing: an exclusive podcast of company member Stephanie Chavara’s "Brooklyn Bluffs." No wine glass required.
Stories & Wine

A tasty bottle of wine, the company of friends, and stories of laughter, love, challenge and growth that leave you wanting to share your own stories: where are you? At 2nd Story, a tailored, narrative experience that fuses writing, sound and performance to provide audiences with shared story as a means of fostering community.
Titles to Fall For

This is a list of reads—new and old—to keep you enchanted during those brilliant sunsets as they approach earlier and softer. Think romance, times of war, butternut squash in your favorite rust-colored bowl and a leafy green blanket that barely covers your feet as you sink into these page-turners.
Where the Hearth is
When the weather dips and the winds begin to whip, there’s no antidote to winter’s chill quite like a fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace to call your own (and really, who does?), we have you covered.

Partying with a Purpose
Over a bottle of wine, Kristen Kaza, the brains behind Chicago's No Small Plans Productions, shares her insights on intentional work, positive spaces, and the importance of visibility. Read more here.

Rockin’ for Charity
Recently, Girls Rock! Chicago (GR!C) held its fifth-annual Autumn Auction at the Wicker Park mixology haven, The Violet Hour. Read about the event here!

Wine & Wise Words
“Drink to learn. If that was what school was all about, we probably would’ve been straight ‘A’ students, right?” The Urbaness sidles up to the bar to talk wine and women in business with Vera Wine Bar's Liz Mendez.

Mano Y Metal
In a constantly growing corner of Desiree Castro’s living room, the Mano y Metal studio is a vibrant den of color: glimmering piles of unused or discarded metal, neatly hung tools and ornate displays of earrings and bracelets stamped with unique messages. Lit by the waning sun on a chilly winter afternoon, Desiree tells us how inseparable she and her business truly are. Read more

Good Deed
Do some good: Share your time with non-profit, Girls in the Game, and help encourage strength, confidence, and good health in Chicago’s young women. Girls in the Game empowers youth through fitness, nutrition, health, and self-esteem programs—and they’re always looking for volunteers. Learn more.