Ladies We Love: Allie Marie

Allie Marie, manager of Tattoo Candy, talks art, rebellion, and the integrity of tattoos.
A Cup of HotChocolate
with Mindy Segal

Over a cup of heavenly hot chocolate, Chicago's James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Mindy Segal talks careers, restaurant life, and what's next for her Bucktown restaurant.
Chicago Stitches
12 readers. A sunny bakeshop. One perfect afternoon.

Last Saturday, as the sun washed over the cheerful space at Wicker Park’s Bake, twelve readers of The Urbaness poured in through the bakeshop’s doors ready for an afternoon spent chatting and learning a new skill.
To the city’s refugees, one girl makes all the difference

We sit down with GirlForward's founder Blair Brettschneider to learn how one Chicago woman is bringing opportunity, education, and friendship to the city's young female refugees.
Wine and Wise Words
with Liz Mendez of Vera

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Liz Mendez, co-owner and wine director of Vera wine bar, to talk about hospitality, owning a small business, and of course, wine.
The Kinfolk Home
We visit the magazine designer in her Hyde Park home

When Amanda Jane Jones sweeps open the door to her Hyde Park apartment, stepping inside is like slipping into the pages of Kinfolk Magazine: Warm, simple, and thoughtful with a nod to white space in all its quiet glory.
An Assorted Stack
Meet the genius behind the Babycakes food truck

Leah is no ordinary Chicagoan. She’s the chef behind Babycakes Gourmet, Chicago’s only pancake-peddling food truck.
Adventure Awaits
Pack your bags and hit the open road

For anyone who is looking for a quick adventure, we have just the Midwest locales to find one. Read on for five small escapes—all within an easy drive or train ride of Chicago.
The Unordinary Home
Shop local to add one-of-a-kind charm to your abode

We hear the same line time and time again: Your home should be a reflection of you. But if the pieces you choose to buy all come from big box stores (hi there, Ikea), how can you hope to separate your space from your neighbor’s?
Host a Game Night, Chicago Style

Elevate a night in with friends by bringing the best of the city to your living room. Gather your girlfriends and host a game night in, tapping a few of Chicago’s small artisan shops to bring flavor and flair to your evening in.
Freshen Up
4 light dishes to put a spring in your step this season

To inspire us to lighten up and add a dose of spring green to our diets, we called on health-food lover Kaitlyn Hovsepian.
Fresh Food on the Move
From farm to table, just-harvested veggies

Support a local farm through a CSA and serve up fresh, seasonal fare through fall
Green Living
Living “green,” though sometimes daunting, is, at its heart, a commitment to changing everyday habits. More often than not, these are small, or sometimes even insignificant-seeming changes that are less of a statement than they are a personal pledge to a healthier world. We're sharing 30 fun, creative, and often simple things you can do to challenge yourself to lessen your footprint and make a difference.

Weekend Getaway
Hop in the car down I-94 and you’ll find Three Oaks, Michigan, a charming little town boasting a lively arts scene, thriving local business community, and some of the friendliest people we ever did meet. Get our full guide on where to eat, sleep, and sightsee.

Spring Recipes
To inspire us to lighten up and add a dose of spring green to our diets, we called on health-food lover Kaitlyn Hovsepian. She walked us through four recipes that we can say with confidence are as easy and delicious as they are nutrient-packed. Get our spring green recipes.

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The Comedian
Co-Producer and founder of The Kate’s Comedy and teacher of The Feminine Comique, Kelsie Huff is a pee-your-pants hilarious stand-up and a poignant storyteller who is elevating Chicago’s comedic legacy. With cupcakes. And laughing. Meet Kelsie