Black Hearts Hair House
A Salon That Feels Like Home

For Heather, hairstyling has been a lifelong passion, an early sense of childhood bliss that never left her career life. Heather is now the proud owner of a hip, homey salon, and still loves playing dress up.
Flowers for Dreams

On a damp and dreary winter day, there’s nothing to buoy your spirits quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers. If those flowers are hand delivered to your door without you so much as stepping foot in an inch of snow? Well, all the better.
A Mid-Winter’s Escape
Six ways to soak up the spirit of summer during the Chicago winter

Add one of these activities to your to-do list and we guarantee the warmth and renewal it brings will tide you over until the first tulip blooms.
The Last Minute Shopper
Shop your neighborhood for your late season gifts

Put your money where your home is this holiday season and finish up your shopping right in your own neighborhood
Bring the Cheer
10 Ways to Make Your Spirit Merry and Bright

Need a fast-track to holiday delight? Follow our—dare we say—brilliant advice for your jolliest year yet. We bring you ten low-cost, merry-making ways to have you fa-la-la-la-la-ing in no time.
The Christmas Kitchen
Three fun and festive holiday sweets

We step inside the kitchen of Chicago dessert blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams for three holiday recipes sweet enough for any soiree.
8 Classic Films
Every woman must see

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to our Netflix queue, we set out to uncover cult classic films to carry us through the gloomy days ahead.
Marvels & Monsters
Artist Amelia Kieras invites us into her strange new world

Amelia brings to life a million little mystical beasts and creatures—all with just a flick of her paintbrush. The Urbaness visited Amelia at home to talk imagination, starving artists, and what it’s like to be on the brink of something big.
A new kind of bootcamp is taking the tech world by storm

Casey Cumbow never knew what she wanted to do with her life until a random Facebook post led her to an unlikely career: A junior instructor at the Chicago branch of Dev Bootcamp (DBC).
The Bookstore Tour
Our favorite independent bookshops in Chicago

This is the time of year we cozy up with a good read. So we turn to an Urbaness favorite, our Independent Bookstore Tour to help guide you in filling up your shelves this fall.
Behind the Camera
We sit down with Chicago filmmaker Corrina Crade

Chicagoan Corrina Crade is intent on giving women in film their due. The heart and soul of entertainment company CradeMade, Corrina is out to empower stronger roles for women—all the while creating and producing independent movies that bring females out from the set’s sidelines.
Second Hand
The best Chicago resources for outfitting little ones on the cheap

Where babies are concerned, there’s no such thing as an investment item. They grow too quickly after all. Our advice? Shop the secondary market and buy used. It is the best way to outfit your baby in style while living green and saving it, too.
Where the Hearth is
When the weather dips and the winds begin to whip, there’s no antidote to winter’s chill quite like a fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace to call your own (and really, who does?), we have you covered.

Partying with a Purpose
Over a bottle of wine, Kristen Kaza, the brains behind Chicago's No Small Plans Productions, shares her insights on intentional work, positive spaces, and the importance of visibility. Read more here.

Rockin’ for Charity
Recently, Girls Rock! Chicago (GR!C) held its fifth-annual Autumn Auction at the Wicker Park mixology haven, The Violet Hour. Read about the event here!

Wine & Wise Words
“Drink to learn. If that was what school was all about, we probably would’ve been straight ‘A’ students, right?” The Urbaness sidles up to the bar to talk wine and women in business with Vera Wine Bar's Liz Mendez.

Mano Y Metal
In a constantly growing corner of Desiree Castro’s living room, the Mano y Metal studio is a vibrant den of color: glimmering piles of unused or discarded metal, neatly hung tools and ornate displays of earrings and bracelets stamped with unique messages. Lit by the waning sun on a chilly winter afternoon, Desiree tells us how inseparable she and her business truly are. Read more

Good Deed
Do some good: Share your time with non-profit, Girls in the Game, and help encourage strength, confidence, and good health in Chicago’s young women. Girls in the Game empowers youth through fitness, nutrition, health, and self-esteem programs—and they’re always looking for volunteers. Learn more.